Baltimore’s Gladiator @TheRealTayRoc


Battle rap is arguably a forgotten art of Hip Hop. Long gone are the days of watching street battles and beat boxing, but the art is reemerging. Thanks to the relentless MC’s who aren’t afraid to face their opponent and go toe to toe or word for word rather until one of them walks away as the victor, the brawn of hip hop is back.

Todays rappers often “BEEF” from the comfy cushion of spitting diss lyrics over a beat in the studio; but battle rap is bringing back the in your face brashness that hip hops been missing.

#URL “Ultimate Rap League” is The Worlds Largest Platform For MC Battle Culture. Baltimore’s Gladiator Tay Roc (@TheRealTayRoc) has fought his way up the ranks to prove himself as a Top Tier Opponent. URL’s @SMACKWHITE proclaims Roc as his “Number One Gunner” who “Always brings 110% to the ring”. Cited most for his Performance, Word Play, Aggression and Lyricism, Tay Roc is a force to be reckoned. However, the Baltimore native humbles himself with the slogan “Thats Light” exhibiting that his TKO punch lines are delivered with ease. Being a contender with numerous classic battles already under his belt, Queens rapper @DNAgtfoh is next on Roc’s list. Summer Madness 4 goes down at Irving Plaza New York , NY on Sunday September 28, 2014. With Baltimore on his back @TheRealTayRoc plans to bring home the win.

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Written By: @AyePlusAutumn


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Strictly Promo with Tay Rock

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#TuneIn 9-17-14

Happy Hump Day (woot woot) and welcome to another edition of #TuneIn. Check out what the Strictly Hip Hop family is listening to. Let us know what you’re listening to via twitter @HipHopStrictly



Artist: J Live

Track: Eight Minutes

Album: Around the Sun

I REALLY hate when a dope project drops and no one puts me d. I’m a late bloomer to Around the Sun, but hey…better late than never? I’ve been bumping this all week, and suggest you get hip if you aren’t down already. “Eight Minutes” has an old school feel with a hint of complexity in the rhyme scheme. Still, it made me feel like I was at an ill *ss block party. Take a listen.



Artist: Common

Track: Rewind That

Album: Nobody’s Smiling

This is probably my favorite track off of Common’s new album Nobody’s Smiling. I didn’t know his relationship with J Dilla was that deep. Cool track. Check it out.

Run the JewelsE


Artist: Run the Jewels

Track: Oh My Darling Don’t Cry

Album: Adult Swim Singles/ Run the Jewels 2

I love the different sounds of Hip-Hop Production that I come across during the week. I really love it when I hear an unexpected beat with dope lyrics :)  El-P + Killer Mike= Run the Jewels, has what I call “outside the box” production.  The beat begins in a way you think you can predict, and then it flips in a way you never expected.  “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” is another example of Run the Jewels having the sound that sets a high standard for good Hip-Hop.  El-P and Killer Mike have great lyrical chemistry that does not disappoint.  This track is featured on the Adult Swim Singles 2014 collection which they have 16 weeks which they feature 16 different tracks from various artists.  It will also be on their upcoming album Run the Jewels 2. If you’re not familiar with Run the Jewels I suggest you listen to their first album to hear some good Hip-Hop.

Mick Jenkins

Thomas J

Artist: Mick Jenkins

Track: The Water

Mixtape: The Water[s]

In a world where the creative energy of authentic hip hop performers is dwindling, Alabama-born, Chicago-raised rapper Mick Jenkins intricately eliminates his competition, literally and figuratively. Often times feeling like an ode to Kendrick Lamar’s staggering debut, The Water[s] delivers in some really great ways with the title track being a proponent of the project greatness. I’m not entirely sure if its the flow, the production or the lyrics that impress me more, but I am most certain that in a year or so, this Chicagoan will be having everyone “thank God for the waters…”

95 Live Mix

95′ Live Mixtape

Aw yea! Strictly Hip Hop veteran, Kil, is hip hop to the core. Whether he’s mashing out on music of his own, kicking knowledge with The Writer’s Bench, or just keeping readers abreast of the new……its hip hop! This time he chopped up some of the best hip hop from 1995. Check it out! Show your twitter love @Kil889 and check out Happy Sunday.


[Flashback] Tupac Shakur- Trapped

Damn, I didn’t realize today was September the 13th… Today we remember the life of hip hop legend/activist, Tupac Shakur. I won’t turn this into a history lesson, but sometimes we shout out the names of those whom we have lost… without speaking on the legacy they left behind. I can say for my age bracket, we appreciate not only the good music brother Tupac left us with, but the message and ideologies behind his words. This is one of my favorite Tupac joints. Check it out. R.I.P Tupac

Gold and Fire

[New Album Alert] Aj Suede- Gold and Fire

AJ Suede is a producer/emcee from East Harlem, New York by way of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I can’t lie, I was waiting for this project to drop. In my opinion, Aj Suede brings a refreshing sound to a new generation of hip hop; although,there is just enough ‘boom bap’ in the music to grap the eardrums of the ‘old school hip hoppers’. Show your twitter love @AjSuede and tell him DropaJewel sent you. Check out






#TuneIn 9-10-14

What’s happening good people, and happy hump day (woot woot)! It’s another edition of #TuneIn, where some of the Strictly Hip Hop staff shares what they’ve been jamming to this week. Don’t forget to let us know what you are currently listening to via twitter @HipHopStrictly. Don’t forget, Friday is approaching fast, so check us out at midnight on WEAA 88.9fm. #Go




Artist: Dom Kennedy ft Nipsey Hustle

Album: Get Home Safely

Track: Pleeze

“I’m all for the rappers that make relatable music. It’s not about lyrics or swag. It’s about relating to the average person. Dom Kennedy is that kind of dude. I like this track a lot because, everyone’s mother has said those words at some point in their upbringing… Please Make it Home Safe.”


Dom Kennedy - Get Home Safely Album Download



Artist: Wave Chapelle

Album: CMG presents Chapter One

Track: Like Me

This track came out of left field for me. I hadn’t heard too much about Wave Chapelle, and I’m not a super CMG fan, but this joint goes. I feel like “wavy” is a new sub genre of hip hop. Very mellow. 




[Discussion] Art and Hip Hop

If you missed Strictly this past Friday, you missed one helluva show. Thomas J’s question of the week was: Does Hip Hop have to be art? This opened all types of thoughts and ideologies about the culture. I’ve noticed that the art scene is booming among the new era of up and coming hip hop acts. With that in mind, one has to ask…What is the definition of art? What are the boundaries within said definition? I dropped by the station to kick it with the gang and share my thoughts, but what do you think? Stay tuned to Strictly Hip Hop every Friday night from midnight to 5am on WEAA 88.9fm. #itsstrictly Follow us on twitter @hiphopstrictly @ThomasJ_ @FloridaGuam @Vegasworldinc @hunterisbizzy @dropaJewel Do it NOW!


Al Great – Don’t Be Dumb. (official video)

Sleep maybe good for the body but right now I need ya to wake and listen to what this Baltimore native artist has to say. AL holds nothing back in latest sound “Don’t be dumb” shedding light on a lot of things that bother him in the tricky business that he’s emerged in. Today he provides a pretty nitty, clever visual for that. Summer Night available for DL here. Watch it below. 


#TuneIn 9-3-14

Hump Day, woot woot! We, the good folks at Strictly Hip Hop, wanted to share some good hump day tunes with you. Sure, you’ll catch us on twitter (@hiphopstrictly) asking “what are you listening to right now?” We all know that music can get you through a long day…even better, a long week. Check out what some of us are jamming to and share your tunes with us. 




Track: Mainstream 

Artist(s): OutKast featuring Khujo and T-Mo

Album: ATLiens 


Hip-Hop is a universal language, no matter which region in America you may be from the message it conveys is powerful. “Mainstream” from Atlanta’s own OutKast is a thought provoking track that makes the listener take a look at their surroundings, family and even every day decisions one may face in life.  Just like the chorus says: ” Think it is when it ain’t all peaches and cream…that’s why some are found floating in the main stream.”






Track: Holy Ghost

Artist: Young Jeezy


“I don’t know if it’s because this is the first time I’ve really liked a Jeezy album or this record is just hot to me.  Regardless, this is what I’m listening to this week. The beat is nice and Jeezy’s lyrics are on point with the overall tone. Worked out to the whole album in the gym and this track had me in a zone. Word.”



Revenge Of The Dreamers 1


Thomas J

Track: Lit

Artist: Bas featuring J. Cole and K-Quick

Album: Revenge of the Dreamers


“Lit” highlights an essence of evolving rap cadences and real talk rapping as Abbas “Bas” Hamad, a standout among mentor J. Cole’s Dreamvilleclan, eloquently entices listeners in nostalgic gold and thought-inducing lyrical content. Opening rather strongly, Bas only makes way for J. Cole, in all his satire as he shines over the R&B-tinge backdrop sample from Miguel’s 2012 hit “Do You…” One of just a few bangers on the compilation album, “Lit” is a beacon of hope for underground hip hop with unusual creative ability to make versatile rap music.



00 - Rapsody_She_Got_Game-front-large



Track: Feels Like (Love Love)

Artist: Rapsody ft. Common

Album: She got Game


“Feels Like” just made me feel like damn…I just started grooving out of nowhere. I think this joint was slept on, especially how she expressed her feelings without sounding slutty or corny. Plus, after another femcee (whom I wont name) currently gyrated her way into our eardrums and tv screens without provocation…I just needed some real hip hop.  



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Article: Kendrick Lamar Sued Over “Rigamortis”

Kendrick Lamar Sued Over “Rigamortis”

Let me start by saying “well damn”. You remember “Rigamortis” from Section 80? Kendrick went ham on that joint; and apparently didn’t get permission to do so…damn. Read the pitchfork article below.

Video: Kanye West Headlines “Made In America” Festival In Philly.

Kanye took over the Rocky stage during the 2014 Budweiser Made in America Festival on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia tonight. As expected, his 2 hour set included plenty of time spent on rants, including a shot at his right hand man Virgil Abloh for not getting the lighting at the stage right. For the encore, he performed his Yeezus track ‘Blood On The Leaves’ for the second time before dropping the mic and waling off stage.