R.I.P. Smash T-Mac

Today Baltimore lost a major figure in the music scene, Terrell Taylor aka Smash T-Mac passed away. While we are not sure of the circumstances, this comes as a surprise and it hurts to see such a major figure from local scene pass away so soon. I still remember late summer early fall “08 and hearing “Too Much For Me” blaring out of every car and in 92Q daily rotation. Smash had hits such as Too Much For Me  and Gucci Bag Blues among more. Rest in Piece Smash T-Mac. **updated** Smash Family released a letter in regards to this tragic passing. 


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7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Smash T-Mac

  1. i would give all i got to have u back in my life i cants sleep at nite & when i look at our son all i could see is u jizzel love u bae im dying inside

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